8 weeks to launch the BizShui book; 9 keys to Feng Shui your business for success

8 weeks to launch the BizShui book; 9 keys to Feng Shui your business for success

In December 2021, I had the pleasure to go to Dubai for the first time and was a Keynote Speaker at the Retail Congress; ‘Create experiences to connect with your customers’ emotional drivers’. It was amazing to be back on stage (click here to see my presentation) and at the end of the talk, several attendees came up to me and ask me for my book as they wanted to learn more. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one, my last book was about Mystery Shopping and really nothing to do with BizShui, this is when I realised I needed to get my head down and write my BizShui book

Dubai has a very special vibe and the next morning, I was so pumped from the congress and being amongst so many interesting people, I woke up at 4am and started to plan the book. I didn’t want to leave it too late to launch it, so I could use it the whole year. It only seem right to launch it in preparation to the Chinese New Year, and went for 28th January 2022… That would only leave me 8 weeks, to write, edit, publish and launch, I’d better get my skates on!

It really is all in the planning and total focus on the outcome, I already had The BizShui™ Method developed, so I had my 9 areas to talk about, now, I had to put all of my thoughts into paper and a format that someone else could read easily, understand and take action straight away.

I came back to Jersey and set my alarm on for 5am so I could write for at least 3hr30 every day without going into ‘the day job’. The weekend I wrote for about 8 hours, which means, I was writing in average for 28 hours per week, altogether 228 hours since I started.

I pressed the ‘print’ button on 18th January to get the first printed proof and realised I had exactly 218 pages with 48,108 words, this has totally blown me away. In Feng Shui No 8, is the number of luck and prosperity, so if you see all around the last 8 weeks of writing, there has been a lot of 8 coming up, there is certainly a sign there… 

Being French, I write as I speak, so sometimes it may be a little confusing… luckily, my good friend, Jennie Kitchings, better known as Hypnowoman, came flying at the last minute to read proof BizShui and ensure you are totally getting the 9 keys for you and your business to thrive…

So, what is BizShui all about? Well, it is my own unique approach of enhancing personal and business flow. It’s a blend of the traditional Feng Shui principles with the modern business & personal needs. An integrated and more holistic approach to Employee and Customer eXperience. 

It is creating a real flow, an alignment of personal and environmental space energy so people can feel good in themselves to deliver amazing service and drive productivity, loyalty, and profitability.

Want to know more?? Check it out here, download your kindle copy from amazon from Friday 28th January…

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