Over 2 billion people celebrate Chinese New Year in some way, that is 1/4 of the world's population

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or Spring Festival

The first reason why The Chinese New Year is celebrated is the arrival of the Spring, hence the name Spring Festival. We’ve had the solciste in December, the days are getting longer and the festival celebrates the beginning of a new year, unlike our modern gregorian calendar, it follows the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. The dates change every year, depending how on the lunar and solar cycle falls, and this year it will start on Saturday 10th February. Chinese believe in ancient legends and so the second reason for the celebrations is about the story from an ancient battle against the Nian (/nyen/, which sounds the same as ‘year’ in Chinese), a terrifying beast that showed up every Lunar New Year’s Eve to eat people and livestock. To scare away the monster, people displayed red paper, burned bamboo, lit candles, and wore red clothes. These traditions have been continued until the present time. 

The Year of the Wood Dragon

This year will bring fire, fame, fortunate, outward visibility, be careful of the word and conversation it may become very visible when perhaps didn’t mean for that to be out…

Wood dragon year, every 60 years, year of growth, seeding, take care of health, optimist energy, let’s go for it we will be fine, dragon can have some fabulous wins but some fabulous lost too SO be mindful take energy in and decide if that’s where I want to go.


Dragon is the mystical animal, the only one in the 12 zodiac. The dragon hold the potential to bring idea revolutionary idea, pay attention to the ideas, what am I picking up, what crazy possibility can I come up??


Prior New Year's Day 9 steps to take

  1. Declutter every part of your home, from your wardrobe to your fridge
  2. Swipe, hoover,  clean, from top to bottom
  3. Buy yourself a new wallet a RED one for the year of the Dragon… add a pinch of Himalayan salt and cinnamon for prosperity
  4. Pay all your debts
  5. Create your vision board, using the bagua, what are your intentions for 2024
  6. Replace your Salt cure to absorb negative energies, check out my video explaining how…
  7. Resolve differences with relatives, family members, friends, business associates
  8. Clean all god statues find a right date and chant and make intentions as I clean them and prepare for the ny
  9. Set off firecrackers at midnight to send out the old year and welcome the new year.



New Year's Day Celebrations

  1. Pay respects to your ancestors
  2. Open every door & window at midnight to let go of the old year
  3. 1st thing in your mouth is something sweet. You can create a  Tray of Togetherness – a tray filled with 8 types of snacks, eg: pecan nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, peach kernels, plums, apricots, walnuts, and small ingots, but sweets can also be placed in the tray. All these symbolize abundance and prosperity
  4. Offer a red envelope with some money to those you love around you (something ending with 8-prosperity number)
  5. Wear a new outfit a RED is best, but you are NOT allowed to buy shoes for one month after Chinese New Year. Shoes or “needing” new shoes in the beginning of a year signifies an expectation of a bumpy year
  6. Replace your door welcome mat to welcome the new energy (if you have a business DO NOT have your name or logo, you will have people scrubbing their dirt on you all year!)
  7. Arrange a bowl of 9 tangerines or oranges in your home
  8. Place a laughing Buddha in the dining room, it will attract blessings and prosperity this year
  9. Get yourself a new plant: orchids, hyacinths, peonies, bamboos for prosperity

NO, NO's

  • No cleaning on NYE or NY day no sipping
  • Not doing a lot of cooking and washing cloth
  • No cutting, cutting hair, symbolism of cutting…
  • No cursing, swearing,

Bringing new ideas in local communities

With the Energy of the Dragon, small powerful groups will be the future, the hierarchy will die and let small groups of collaborative groups, grassroot community. Collective aquarium energy encourage to keep very grounded in our humanity. Bring new ideas in local communities, local connections. Embrace the technology, our new evolution let us harness it for the good of humanity, be aware of the light and the shadows… Who ever has big plans get someone else to execute them, planning is good for me but not an execution year, wood will support me in planting and growing but not pushing…

Thanks and wishes of health, happiness and prosperity

As we are stepping into the Spring Festival, it is the tradition to send messages of thanks and wishes of health and happiness to your loved ones for the coming year. So, here I am wishing you Health, Happiness, and Success for this 2024 Dragonit year. Hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come, with peace, love, joy and prosperity for you and your business.

If you need some support with shifting some energy in your business this year, you know where I am!