Are you tired of attending conferences with lackluster energy and uninspiring speakers?


‘WOW Claire you were our Event Energizer this week, with your bright yellow dress which brought sunshine in the room and your liveliness was just what the audience wanted at DWP. The session you presented was definitely what was needed to wake the audience up and give them a different perspective on client experiences. Having your presence at the congress created a huge impact not only on the attendees but also on the various partners you met. You fired up the room for sure! Thank you for being AWESOME!!!! With much gratitude,’
Prachi Dawar, Director – Conferences and Events, QNA International


Event Energizer

Wow; our ‘event energizer’ suddenly resonated in my head and it was one of those Haha moment, when you realise what your purpose is all about… following the last few months feedback I received from my Keynote Presentations from all of the audiences, the organisers, sponsors and other speakers, I decided to make a list of  the comments and words used by all, it goes something like this:

  • energy
  • powerhouse
  • show-stopper
  • indomitable
  • exceptional
  • petillante
  • dance the talk
  • dynamic
  • ignited
  • positive vibes
  • Pêche
  • Wow-wow-wow
  • loved
  • high energy
  • favourite
  • fresh air
  • inspired
  • enthused
  • empowered
  • charming
  • blown away
  • unique
  • exceptional
  • great and funny
  • hyped up
  • enriched
  • storyteller
  • excellent
  • bravo
  • fantastique
  • intelligence
  • crazy
  • invaluable
  • fired up
  • effervescence
  • excited
  • amazing
  • favorite speaker
  • crazy loose
  • made my day
  • sunshine
  • inspiration
  • rayonnante
  • ca réveille
  • loved it so much
  • shine
  • light
  • dynamic
  • super pertinent
  • enthusiasm
  • interaction
  • fantastic

Wow, I think I was flabbergasted myself of all of those words and it really made me think, it wasn’t my content the audience remembered it was how I made them feel, how my yellow shoes and dress brought a ray of sunshine and dancing raised the energy in the room. So, I decided to bring more Va-Va-Voom to conferences, summit, online or live events, and stole this new nickname from the fabulous Prachi ‘The Event Energizer’.

As a conference energizer, I bring a unique and dynamic approach to conferences that transforms the energy in the room. I have the ability to unlock even the most stale and stagnant energy, leaving attendees feeling invigorated and inspired. Through a range of interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions, I stimulate new thoughts, ideas, and creativity, and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

Imagine attending a conference where the energy is electric, the ideas are flowing, and the inspiration is contagious. With my expertise in yin and yang energies, I help individuals achieve greater balance and harmony in their lives, unlocking their full potential.

If you’re ready to inject new life and energy into your next conference, contact me today to see how I can help transform your event into a memorable and inspiring experience.”

I think this is what I have been meaning to be doing all my life, and finally at nearly fifty I found my gifts, my ability to energise and ignite people around me as a keynote speaker or an Emcee (MC), a facilitator or a moderator, I can create joy and unlock abundance and prosperity.

Do you need to raise the vibes in your next event?? 

Book your own event energizer

If you are looking for someone to Energize your next event, conference or summit and you feel I can add value to inspire your audience to  keynote presentation or a corporate training workshop, keep me in mind!

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