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Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Empowering Fabness...

  • 94% of employees say they’re happier when they feel confident at work (Indeed Research)
  • A staggering 85% of women do not believe they are attractive (Censuswide)
  • 97% of employees said when they feel valued by their employer it boosts their confidence therefore they perform better (Indeed Survey)

2022 was a BIG transformational year for me as I decided it was time to shift my outer energy to shift my inner energy.

After living for the last 22 years on this little island of Jersey, I decided to  totally shift my surroundings by moving to Dubai.  My beautiful children are now twenty and twenty-four years old. I have taught them to grow up being well balanced and making the right decisions so they can develop the life skills to live successful lives independently. I am ready to shift my life to inspire people to bring a powerful flow of energy and creative ideas; to make game-changing decisions in their businesses and lives, through my keynote speaking presentation, empowerclasses and this Being Remarkable Year.

Be remarkable always because you deserve to be happy and live the life you deserve!

Take Action to...

Harmonize your physical environment to increase your creativity & well-being

Awaken your inner energy to elevate your state of being

Boost your confidence to optimize your productivity and influence

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided

Experience BEING Remarkable...

When we entered this year of the Rabbit, my beautiful coach Davina MacKail, shared this advice for us:

‘The rabbit symbolizes new beginnings, good fortune, and peace, reminding us to approach the new year with a sense of grace and humility. This year, let’s celebrate the importance of family and community, as well as right relationship with prosperity and success. Let’s strive to be thoughtful and compassionate in our interactions with others, and to actively work towards creating a better world for ourselves and those around us. We’ll also need to learn to pivot and change direction at rabbit speed!

Be inspired by the energy and spirit of the rabbit, and use it as a driving force to reach your goals and make a positive impact.’

So, with this in mind, I have decided to celebrate my fabulous fifteenth year on earth by empowering as many people as I can, with different  ‘BizShui™ activities throughout the year.

Being remarkable means standing out in a positive way and making a lasting impression. It is about having the courage to be different and to take risks in order to achieve something extraordinary. Being remarkable means having the confidence to take on challenges and to strive to be the best version of yourself. It is about being proactive, taking initiative, and pushing yourself to reach your full potential. Being remarkable means striving to make a difference, to be an inspiration, a Key Person of Influence and to leave a lasting legacy.

From Invisible to Remarkable...

#Iamremarkable workshops

I have joined the global network of over 4000 active facilitators and be the ambassador of #IamRemarkable Google Initiative. Helping people celebrate their achievements by facilitating and hosting #IamRemarkable workshops for your professional networks.

She is Remarkable, The Book!

The women who surround us are remarkable. There are those we look to for inspiration, those on whom we base our goals, those who fight for equality, and those who can see a bit of ourselves in. Remarkability is she who makes the most of what she has and turns her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

This book brings together stories from inspiring women who have overcome obstacles or created something out of nothing. It will uplift  and inspire you to achieve something with your lives through relating to those stories.

Check out my Chapter Do or Die or book me for a Keynote Presentation to empower your audience to be remarkable.

You are Remarkable, the weekend retreat

Join us for this exclusive women empowerment retreat, providing you with a safe space for women to come together and learn about topics related to business empowerment and selfdevelopment.

Discover ways to bring the best out of you through a range of BizShui tools; with topics such as Feng Shui, self-confidence, public speaking, profile booster, selfcare and much more.

This ‘You are Remarkable’ weekend will provide an opportunity for women in business to gain knowledge, build confidence, and form relationships with other likeminded women. It will be a great way to be empowered to take a step towards becoming stronger to be more visible, independent and prosperous.


Be Inspired to Experience BizShui™...

Using a more holistic approach isn’t for everyone, so let’s chat together before you commit to anything, then you can be sure you will get the best results, because it’s your energy that you are shifting to make the transformations you want…


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