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77% of productivity loss… is attributable to health-related factors.

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  • Do you feel stresses and anxious ?
  • Do you find yourself distracted all the time?
  • Do you waste a lot of time not finding files, documents, car keys?
  • Do things get on top of you and get easily overwhelmed?
  • Do you find it difficult to achieve a work life balance
  • Do you feel your career isn’t going anywhere you are swimming up the stream?
  • Have you lost your creative spark and don’t seems to be producing any good content?

All these symptoms could be caused by your environment being out of line with your own energy field.

Is your home-office supporting you or hindering you?

Take Action to...

Enhance your Home-Office Energy Flow

Increase your Clients Experience & Loyalty

Optimize your own Creativity, Well-Being & Productivity

Discover the BizShui™ Method

The purpose of Feng Shui is to make people feel good by promoting an effective use, not only of your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state

What most people don’t realise is that our physical environment has a direct impact on our state of being. Researches from Environmental psychology, show the interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings, demonstrating how and why our environment impacts our State: thinking, feeling & behaviours.


The Secret Weapon to Thrive

To thrive in your life, job, career, as a Leader, Manager or an employee, you need to have a working environment who is going to support you, not hinder you. Discover my own BizShui™ Creation; a blend of the ancient Feng Shui principles with the modern business needs to optimize workplaces and home-offices. The purpose of BizShui™ is to promote an effective use of, not only your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state.  Balanced, healthy & harmonious environments mean happy, creative, confident workforce who feel good in themselves, strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences and are working towards increasing prosperity.
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Are you ready to shift some energy?

Having studied Feng Shui for over a decade, I finally decided to share this ancient wisdom, so people can start creating better harmony and live happier lives. As I have been working from home for 13 years, the transformation in my life was incredible as soon as I started making the shift, and here is how you can do it too. I am blending the Feng Shui principles with the modern personal needs to reduce chaos and increase well-being and happiness.

The idea of the Home-Office BizShui Consult is so you discover the powerful changes you can make in your home working space virtually or in person in a fun and interactive way to enhance harmony and flow. Discover simple, practical, and affordable shui moves for harnessing the positive energy from around you.

Is your home-office supporting you or hindering you?

Step 1

  1. Assess where you are right now
    • Finding out your 9 Star Ki numbers to understand your personal energetic signature
    • Wheel of life exercise
  2. Clearing Space
    • Business declutter: customer, employees and friends/colleagues
    • Mental clutter
    • Everything has a place exercise
    • Space clearing
  3. Protection from Sha Chi
    • Reducing EMF
    • Reducing poisons arrows and other Sha Chi
    • Adding cures and remedies as necessary

Step 2

Let’s make some Feng Shui enhancements;

    • Yin/yang harmonisation
    • 5-elements balancing with personal element
    • 5 senses exercise
    • Art work energy
    • Desk position and organisation
    • Meaning of each element in the room
    • Enhancing the room with the Bagua

Personal & Business BizShui

Now, we’ve shifted your outer office environment, it’s time to look at yourself and your business and make some BizShui changes.

What is the cost?

Bizshui is a lifestyle, something you start and you are always evolving and changing, so I am here to support you in your journey so you can live more harmonious life and run a prosperous business working from home.

Office Productivity Shift $588

Let’s take a virtual tour of your home-office space and give you some quick and practical tips to shift the energy and create better flow.

  • 60mins consult
  • 15mins catch up 2 weeks’ later
  • Recording of the conversation
  • Access to Facebook Group
Optimize WFH Flow $2488

You are really serious at making changes in your Home-Office space, let’s some more time aligning your own energy with your environment.

  • 3x 60mins consult
  • 30mins catch up 2 weeks’ later
  • Recording of the conversation
  • Accountability to act on the Shui Moves 
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Download e-copy of BizShui Book
Enhance Work-Life Harmony $4888

This is a whole 12 weeks programme together. We transform you and your environment and create the most beautiful space for you to blossom.

    • 60mins kick off consult
    • 2x 60mins per month for 3 months
    • Recording of the conversations
    • Accountability to act on the Shui Moves
    • Access to Facebook Group
    • Download e-copy of BizShui Book
    • Receive an essential Oil diffusor from doTERRA
    • What’s App access during the three months

Be Inspired to Experience BizShui™...

Using a more holistic approach isn’t for everyone, so let’s chat together before you commit to anything, then you can be sure you will get the best results, because it’s your energy that you are shifting to make the transformations you want…


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