Bleshing Feng Shui with Business

Bleshing Feng Shui with Business

Understanding the ancient wisdom…
Energy exists all around you, forever changing, whether you understand it or not. Our business environments have changed drastically since Working From Home #WFH has been imposed upon us. Environmental psychology, the scientific study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings, shows why our environment impacts us, how we can leverage that knowledge to our advantage, and what we can do to improve
our relationship with the world around us. Furthermore, research from Somatic psychotherapy demonstrates how our mind-body connection has a direct correlation to our states; our feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
So, our environment affects our state and our state affects our behaviour. Simple right? Healthy, harmonious  environments, mean happy, relaxed, creative, feel good people, which means, a motivated, effective, performing attitude! 
Creating harmony is what Feng Shui does. The purpose of Feng Shui is to make people feel good by promoting an effective use, not only of your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state.
Feng Shui originated in China, it is a traditional Eastern philosophy, a belief system in which there is a spiritual  relationship between the physical elements of nature and human-made environments to create the right balance of energy for harmony in one’s space. It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind for improving your workplace relationships, but it’s an indirect way to improve feelings and behaviours.

BizShui™, The secret weapon to thrive…

We are not living in China 5,000 years ago. Therefore, to create a truly holistic sense of balance, I wanted to apply the essence of the ancient Feng Shui wisdom and adapt it to the business energy field.
I created this unique approach of enhancing personal and business flow. ‘Bleshing’ (a combination of “blending” and “meshing”, what happens when two cultures intermix-Tamim Ansary) the traditional Feng Shui principles with the modern business & personal needs. I called it, The BizShui™ Method; an integrated and more holistic approach to Employee and Customer eXperience.

9 benefits when using BizShui in your business:

1. Create flow in your workspace to improve healthy and harmonious working lives

2. Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings

3. Enhance your environment to increase growth and profitability

4. Discover new ways to delight your customers, increasing

their time spent with you and their shopping basket

5. Develop sensorial experiences to increase customer loyalty

6. Increase your employees’ engagement and well-being by creating spaces where they feel comfortable, happy and which

are conducive to greater creativity

7. Boost yours and your employees’ focus and commitment to

achieve business goals and deliver service excellence

8. Apply new lifestyle strategies to keep your energy, drive and

motivation high

9. Bring a more holistic approach to your business and deliver

BizShui Experiences

BizShui will help you create a real flow, an alignment of personal and environmental space energy so people can feel good in themselves to deliver amazing service, turning your people and places into prosperity.

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