Cultivate good CHI in your business

Cultivate good CHI in your business

I am sure you have experienced that before; you know when you walk into a shop and it just doesn’t feel right, you get a shivers in the back of your neck, you don’t know why but you just somehow don’t like it. So you are going to go quickly get what you need a leave.

Whereas perhaps you walk somewhere else and suddenly it feels right, it smells nice, you have that feeling of comfort, well you are going to stay there a lot longer and most probably buy from that shop, return to that shop and tell your friends and family!

Because Feng Shui is based on the same principles of quantrum physics everything in the universe is connected and made of energy, whether you know it or not, understand it or not, everything is energy. Life force energy has been studied for centuries, it is called Prana in India, KI in Japan Ankh in Egypt.

Chi (also called Sheng Chi; the beneficial, healthy energy) is the “life’s breath” or energy that binds life together. Identifying Chi, understanding how it moves, how to harmonize it, influence it, transform it, direct it and how it affects on our daily lives, is what Feng Shui is all about.

Energy exists all around you. It exists as thoughts and feelings and it also comes from the environment including the natural earth elements.

In Feng Shui, as in Chinese medicine, CHI is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us. Feng Shui helps us manage change, constantly moving this around keep the energy moving.


9 keys to cultivate good CHI (Sheng Chi) in your workspace

1. Open your windows and doors

2. Keep your space clutter free

3. Have real plants or fresh flowers

4. Clean the front door regularly

5. Move 27 items

6. Put some music on

7. Diffuse essential oils

8. Hoover up or give a good sweep

9. Display inspiring pictures



According to Feng Shui theory, everything has an opposing energy; thus, Chi can be both good and bad. Sha Chi is bad or harmful energy which is formed in negative situations, and may lead to undesirable circumstances. It can stop the flow of Chi energy to you, your home and workplace, as well as interrupt and destroy the natural cycle of energy.

Negative chi can be natural or man-made. It is such a powerful energy that it can suck up the positive energy, like the air is sucked out of a vacuum.

Negative energy has somehow been trapped either on the surface or below the surface of the location.

Many man-made things cause sha chi. Clutter is the biggest culprit. Clutter blocks the flow of chi throughout your home and when chi can’t flow naturally, it becomes stagnant. It’s like damning up a river and preventing it from flowing down a mountainside.

Another classic example of sha chi is what’s known as a poison arrow. A great visual of a poison arrow is a wall that juts out into a room and creates a harsh sharp corner that is directly across from where you always sit. A poison arrow would also be created if the corner of large piece of furniture in your office is directly across from where you sit. The sharp edge and angle creates what’s known a poison arrow because it is focusing the energy into a point that is beamed straight at you.

9 Negative chi elements include

1. Clutter

2. Harsh sharp corner that is directly across from where you are seated (called Poison Arrows)

3. A staircase close to the entrance and a back door directly across from it

4. Bridges overhead or beside home, even beams in your rooms

5. Damp, rotting food, dead or dying thing!

6. Dilapidated or abandoned buildings nearby, power or telephone lines crisscrossing through your property

7. Broken items

8. Rivers run directly toward your front door or back door, and dirty stagnant water

9. Negative earth energies, geopathic stress, Techno-stress, Techno Magnetic Field/Radiation (TMR)


Of course, there are cures for all of these, get in touch with me if you need any guidance on reducing negative CHI!


The goal of Feng Shui practitioners is to enhance and shift the flow of CHI in a space to make it as supportive and nourishing as possible.


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