Designing Phenomenal EX to become a Phenomenal Organisation to work for…

Designing Phenomenal EX to become a Phenomenal Organisation to work for...

Ex has to be as important as CX

We are entering a new era, it is the time to start evolving into the next phase of higher consciousness, where a deeper more authentic connection occurs, where businesses are becoming accountable for their environment, their people and customers.

Nurturing a truly caring service culture isn’t easy but it is the only way to have a thriving business, with happy employees, happy customers and happy bottom lines. There are many facets involved in running a thriving business; but the most important one for all of us to grasp is the concept of putting the customers and the employees at the heart of everything we do and being totally Employee and Customer Centric.

The pandemic has made everyone of us rethink what we do, why we do and who we do it with… It has brought an increase focus on the purpose at work. Candidates are selecting you, they want to find an organisation which has a real vision, a meaningful workplace which is going to make an impact to the society.

If you want people to ‘choose’ to work for you, you need to design a phenomenal EX Programme, to excite the best people, la Crème de la crème, to come and work for you. You need to create value, care, trust, une raison d’etre those are powerful drivers that will give you a real competitive edge.

Developing a more holistic and comprehensive approach to Employee Experience, will optimize employee productivity, creativity and engagement, creating BizShui Teams…

Give your employees the tools to be the best they can be, by bringing energy and positivity into your business everyday. Here are my 9 keys to BizShui your Employees Experience Strategy:

1. Sourcing & Recruiting

2. Profiling & Personalization

3. Pre & On-Boarding

4. Well-being & State of Being

5. Environment & Feng Shui

6. Development & Training

7. Retention & Referrals

8. Rewards & Recognition

9. Measuring & Listening

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