Do you have a piece missing to thrive in your business?


More than 50% of workers in UAE will  change jobs in 2023.
Bayt Survey


You may not know this

As a customer experience keynote speaker, I have attended many conferences on this subject and we can all agree that CX (Customer Experience) is understood now by the majority of businesses, whether it is done in the right way consistently this is another story, but the concept is widely spoken in businesses around the world.

Culture is another favorite topic amongst leadership speakers, and many speakers talk about the different types of leadership and how businesses can only thrive with the right leadership. Change come from the top and if leaders aren’t leading, you have a problem (check out my blog Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang).

Employee Experience  is THE hot topic of the moment, with the great resignation, businesses are struggling to attract and retain their employees.  According to Bayt Survey, more than 50% of workers in UAE will  change jobs in 2023. 31 % also want career growth opportunities, 25% want work-life balance. A lack of well-formed strategies is obvious in many organisations, and the future of work is going to see some major changes in the next 12 months for sure.

However, one piece of the puzzle is missing, when organisations look at their business strategies, and this the environment piece! Our environment has a direct affect with our state of being, the way we feel, we think and we behave. It is crucial to push the environmental element at the top of the priorities, not because it’s nice to do, but because it is all of us to take responsibility for our people, our customers and our environment.  

Over 98 percent of the most highly engaged employees say their workplace helps them feel a sense of belonging to their company and its culture


Those are the 4-key ingredients you need to master

  1. Powerful Supportive Environment: Core principles to apply for harmonizing your external physical environment which impacts human care.
  2. BizShui™ Employee: Core Principles to apply for caring for
    people to optimize employees’ engagement, well-being, productivity & loyalty.
  3. BizShui™ Customer Experience: Core principles to apply for enhancing customer experience, connecting on an emotional level at every touch points and interactions to drive advocacy.
  4.  BizShui™ T.E.C. Culture: Core principles to apply for creating an internal environment where you nurture a culture of trust, engagement, and care for your employees and your customers

Taking action

2023 is going to be a year for community, collaborations, for bringing people back into work spaces, after the years of isolation; people need people to survive and thrive, take action now to ensure you creating the best environment, you retain your teams and show you care and look forward to the future with optimism.

Let’s strive to be more intentional in our relationships with our customers and our employees. To bring more compassionate and in our businesses and empathy in our leadership, and to take full responsibility to creating a better world for you and for those around you.

If you need a speaker for an upcoming event and you feel I can add value to inspire your audience, as a keynote presentation or a full day empowerclass, keep me in mind!

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