Your Event 'Energizer'

Emcee, facilitator, cheerleader

Fire up & energize your audience

I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Engaging and Shifting the energy in the room

Keeping your audience engaged is critical to the success of any event, as it helps ensure that attendees get the most out of the experience and leave feeling satisfied and motivated. By working with this experienced event energizer, you will create an atmosphere of excitement, engagement, and enthusiasm that will keep your audience engaged throughout the event and long after the event is over!

Thank you so much for joining us at The Economic Times Future Forward Middle East and making it a big success! Your presence created a big difference and some insightful content you shared through your keynote & workshop was truly an eye opener & insightful. Your keynote was a perfect closing keynote for our conference. Our audience just loved the workshop and appreciated the learning they had from your sessions. You were truly a show-stopper for our conference. We were joined by 600+ attendees, 17 partners & 39 speakers. We received fantastic feedback for our very first conference from the Middle East region and this conference was indeed a big success.
Shashi Sharma
Lead - Special Initiatives, ETHRWorld International The Economic Times

Awarded No 1 Woman Global Customer Experience Gurus with she has been nicknamed:

‘The Event Energizer’ 

Take Action...

Enhance experience

This event energizer can help create a positive and memorable experience for attendees, which will have a lasting impact on their perception of your brand or organization. 

Increase engagement

When attendees are more engaged and motivated, they are more likely to participate in activities, connect with exhibitors and sponsors, and take action based on the information they’ve learned at the event. 

Differentiate from competitors

Get those energized attendees to share their experience around them and market your brand and reputation for you.

Are you tired of attending conferences with lackluster energy and uninspiring speakers?

I have been given a gift; the abilities to rouse crowds, lift people up and work a room’s energy naturally!

If you are looking for a highly experienced EMcee (MC or Master of Ceremonies), facilitator or moderator who specializes in bringing excitement and energy to events and conferences of all kinds, look no further! I take very seriously my responsibility for ensuring that the energy levels at an event are high and that attendees are engaged, motivated, and excited about the content and activities.

Using a range of skills and techniques to increase engagement, including interactive games, icebreakers, and team-building activities,  I have also extensive experience in motivational public speaking. I am able to deliver engaging and impactful speeches that capture the attention of audiences and keep them motivated throughout an event.

Everything I do is about delivering exceptional customer experiences, I approach and tailor every event to the specific needs and goals of each clients. Whether it’s a small workshop or a large conference, a dinner or a celebration; I will  work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop a customized plan that will achieve delivers high-quality, engaging events that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Event Energizer

EMcee, MC, Facilitator or Moderator

Let me be your cheerleader to engage and motivate your audience at events, conferences, dinner and other gatherings, by creating an energetic and positive atmosphere.

With my unique and highly-dynamic style that incorporates music, movement, and interactive activities to create a memorable and impactful experience.


I will create a dynamic and interactive learning experience designed to energize and motivate individuals and teams unlock their full power potential and achieve their goals.

Powerful and transformative, you can be sure your attendees will have all the tools they need to keep their energy levels high to enable them to perform to the highest of their ability, feeling positive and enthusiastic.

Sponsors' Speaker Energy-Booster

Are your sponsors killing your event??

You know exactly what I mean, as part of your sponsor package I am sure you are offering a slot on stage, but it doesn’t mean they have to bored your audience and get them disconnected within minutes of their slides are coming up?

Give me two hours with them prior your event so I can give them very practical tips to energize their presentation skills so they can share their message in an dynamic and interesting manner. Making their company look good, your event look good and your audience experience the best.



Claire Boscq is No 1 Woman on the Global customer experience gurus list with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the customer experience industry.

International best seller author with 4 published books, she is an international media influencer with her work published in Brazil, Philippines, India, US & Europe.

Claire has spoken in over 20 countries,  delivering fast paced and high-energy keynote presentations in French and in English.  Winner of the Institute of Director award, she is also on the board of the Virtual Speaker Association International.

She brings a more holistic and comprehensive approach to organisations and individuals with her BizShui™ Method; creating powerful flow in businesses by blending the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business & personal needs energizing people and places into prosperity.

She truly is ‘Your Energizer’, are you ready to shift your vibes?


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