Getting away from damage and loss in business

Getting away from damage and loss in business

We all know that our customers are the most important piece of our business. No customer means no business. The more advocacy the customers feel to your brand, the more likely they are to recommend you, buy from you, return to you, they just really love you and will show you they do. This will increase their lifetime value, higher footfall, higher shopping basket, high brand awareness, and NPS score shooting sky high!

A loyal customer will return to you, but let’s take it to another level; an advocate will evangelize for your brand, no need to spend thousands of dollars in marketing, advertising, promotion, save your money and show your customers you care and they will be the source of a thriving and prosperous business. This is what I share during my keynote presentations. Take Apple for example, 92% of Apple’s customers are brand loyal – meaning they will continue to purchase from Apple again, and again, and again…

A current customers spend 67% more on average than those who are new to your business.


Of course, your external customer advocacy is essential as is your internal customer’s loyalty; happy, engaged, high performing employees will not just deliver exceptional service, but they will be more productive, more creative and will exceed expectations.

According to Deloitte, 88% of people who work in this U.S feel they work for an organization that does not care about them. Imagine, that is almost 9 out of 10 people; your mother, your brother, your friends, who get up every morning and do not feel they are being value…

Having an employee super motivated, really engaged who is facing a customer who doesn’t care, an apathetic, can make that employee feel totally useless, wondering why he/she is here if that customer isn’t bothered, rejected by the customer his motivation will start to decrease.

Similarly, having a super fan coming into your organisation and experiencing a totally disengaged employee is a very fragile situation.

59% of customers don’t return after one bad customer service experience.
According to Dimensional Research


That loyal customer may come back to you a couple of times, because he/she really loves you, but the trust in the relationship becomes to be questioned and you are risking to lose its custom, it’s beginning the spiral downward of a business.

According to a survey by CustomersThatStick, 82% of customers leave due to poor customer service! John Gattorna, a visiting professor at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, published the following figures on why businesses lose customers:

– 68% leave because they perceive you are indifferent to them

– 33% consider switching after just a single instance of poor service

– 14% poor product quality

– 9% price

We are entering into a new era, it is time to evolve into the next phase of higher consciousness where businesses become accountable for their environment, their employees and their customers.

If you want a thriving and prosperous business with advocate customers and loyal employees, these are the key ingredients you need to master/harness/embody:

– Create Harmonious environments with positive energy flow

– Deliver exceptional BizShui Experiences for your Employees & Customers

– Nurture a TEC culture – trust, engagement & care 

If you need a speaker for an upcoming event and you feel I can add value to inspire your audience, as a keynote presentation, a moderator, MC or a full day workshop, keep me in mind!

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