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Be Inspired to align your home with your own energy

“I understand that Feng Shui works whether you believe in it or not. “

Experience Feng Shui at Home...

  • Are you feeling disconnected?
  • Are you overwhelmed with everything?
  • Are you impatient or snapping all the time?
  • Are you procrastinating and lacking of energy?

All these symptoms could be caused by your environment being out of line with your own energy field. 

Enhance harmony and flow energy

Optimize your well-Being and healthy living

Increase your influence and improve relationships

The purpose of Feng Shui is to make people feel good by promoting an effective use, not only of your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state

What most people don’t realise is that our physical environment has a direct impact on our state of being. Researches from Environmental psychology, show the interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings, demonstrating how and why our environment impacts our State: thinking, feeling & behaviours.

Are you ready to shift some energy?

Having studied Feng Shui for over a decade, I finally decided to share this ancient wisdom, so people can start creating better harmony and live happier lives. The transformation in my life was incredible as soon as I started making the shift, and here is how you can do it too. I am blending the Feng Shui principles with the modern personal needs to reduce chaos and increase well-being and harmony.

The idea of the Home Feng Shui Party is so you discover the powerful changes you can make in your home in a fun and interactive way to enhance energy and flow. Surrounded by your friends discover simple, practical, and affordable shui moves for harnessing the positive energy from around you.

Step 1

Invite a group of friends to your home:

  • maximum is 8 plus you 9
  • the party will last two hours
  • you will be provided with a special invitation

Step 2

Let’s move some CHI together

  • Discover the core principles of Feng Shui
  • Next let’s assess and clear your space
  • Finally learn how to apply the principles to enhance your environment and create a healthier living

Step 3

Get a change to purchase some of the Feng Shui essentials to add cures and remedies to your own home space.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to book a Home Feng Shui  Party. I do it because I love sharing those simple techniques and get people intrigued and wanting to know more. As a host, you will receive a special gift from me, to thank you for hosting the party, and I will also donate 10% to the charity of your choice.


Be Inspired to Experience Feng Shui...

Using a more holistic approach isn’t for everyone, so let’s chat together before you commit to anything, then you can be sure you will get the best results, because it’s your energy that you are shifting to make the transformations you want…

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