How you can move forward from trauma

How you can move forward from trauma

March 2020, I lost all my clients in three days, all my speaking engagements, training sessions and mystery shopping programmes had been cancelled. I went down like a brick, I had never felt so low and I couldn’t see how I was going to live, pay my rent and buy food for my two children. Being a single mum for twelve years, making sure that they were okay, had always been my priority, what was I going to do? 

After many hours feeling sorry for myself, and getting lower and lower for days, I was in a deep hole and couldn’t see how to come out of it. Until I got an electric shock; I was watching my children lying next to me, and realising I had to take control back in my life for them, for everyone around me, and most of all for myself.

After my last Vlog about moving to Dubai several people asked me how did I manage to move forward and get out of my deep hole?

9 key steps to move from trauma, anxiety, stress and bring you towards being healthy, vibrant, happy and ready to live your purpose.

  1. Create Morning habits: visualise the day, set a couple of goals, what are you going to wear, how are you going to serve yourself and others today
  1. Walk or exercise wake up 30mins earlier, drink, eat mindful, take care of your body so you can have the energy you need
  2. Use your 5 senses, connect, be mindful of what is happening around you, take 5mins mindfulness to start and build on it
  3. Think positive, acknowledge negative thoughts how does it make you feel, and consciously delete and reframe in positive
  4. Surround yourself or be around positive people and ask for help
  5. Nurture evening habits: review your day, give yourself some credit pat in the pack, fall asleep with a smile as you start dream of your perfect life, dreams, goals, big vision,
  6. Be grateful, gratitude journal, start with one or two simple time you of your day you are grateful for and then build on it, from very very small to bigger ones…
  7. Feng shui your home first de-clutter then add some yang energy where its needed if you are low add some yang energy diffuse orange, lemon or bergamot essential oils, add lights or change some of your colours maybe add some red and bright yellow.
  8. This is the harder one when you really are low and can you really believe that everything is going to be OK… Trust and be in total faith.

Within you, you have a purpose, you are here in earth to be of service in some way, awaken into your true self and step into your life purpose and listen to yourself, that little voice in you, will guide you everyday to fulfill what you are here to do.
Bring more care, service, connections and love, give to others and it will come back to you, create a world where places and people are prosperous.

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