Do you have a piece missing to thrive in your business?

Do you have a piece missing to thrive in your business? More than 50% of workers in UAE will  change jobs in 2023. Bayt Survey Tweet You may not know this As a customer experience keynote speaker, I have attended many conferences on this subject and we can all agree that CX (Customer Experience) is

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A Keynote Speaker who celebrates Chinese New Year

A Keynote Speaker Celebrating Chinese New Year Over 2 billion people celebrate Chinese New Year in some way, that is 1/4 of the world’s population Tweet Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or Spring Festival The first reason why The Chinese New Year is celebrated is the arrival of the Spring, hence the name Spring

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Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang

Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang 57% of employees who walk out the door, do so specifically because they can’t stand their boss DDI Tweet People leave Managers not companies…. With the greater challenges in attract and retaining talents, businesses are to invest in innovation and remain relevant in a networked economy. This

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