Declutter your office to grow your business

Decluttering your office to grow your business What does your desk look like? Come on turn around and look at your desk for a minute? Can you see cups? Papers? Magazines? Telephone? Wallet? Packet of sandwich? Books?? Can you actually see your mouse, or is it buried under and pile of clutter?? One of the

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A teenage dream is manifesting

A teenage dream is manifesting If you are on your spiritual journey, you are probably aware of the Lions Gate Portal which happens every year on the 8th of August (8/8) TODAY! The double energy of eight on August 8 (8/8) is auspicious. Eight is known as the powerhouse number, it’s the infinite symbol balance

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How you can move forward from trauma

How you can move forward from trauma March 2020, I lost all my clients in three days, all my speaking engagements, training sessions and mystery shopping programmes had been cancelled. I went down like a brick, I had never felt so low and I couldn’t see how I was going to live, pay my rent

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Dubai Retail Congress Keynote Speaker

CFEST 2021 – Day 3 – Keynote by Ms. Claire Boscq-Scott

Can you afford to be #clueless about your #customerservice?



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