It is amazing how much good 20° Celsius extra does to one’s emotional state!!

It is amazing how much good 20° Celsius extra does to one’s emotional state!!

So, I have moved to Dubai!! Yes, I’ve done it… After 22 years living in Jersey, I have decided to take a leap of faith and start a new life, why leaving, why Dubai, check out my full VLOG for the full reason of me leaving and starting a new life…

The combinations of covid, being on an island (5x9miles) for 22 years, reaching towards my fifty’s birthday (next year), my two gorgeous children being young adults now and flying on their own, made me think and realise that it was time for me to move and as I was told, by my coach, so nicely: to find a bigger ‘pot’ and more sunlight to grow to our full potential!

It is amazing how much good 20° Celsius extra does to one’s emotional state!!

My departure and the last couple of weeks leading up to that date had been very emotional.

First, I had the empty my whole house and leave ‘things’, as I was only taking 4 suitcases with me, 13 years in the same home, there was a lot of memories, attachment and clutter in there!! But also a liberating feeling, I guess, we get so attached to ‘material things’, if there was a fire in your house, what would you take? One of the fabulous question to ask and make you really thing about what is important around you.

Then I had to leave ‘people’, all my friends which have been around me for the last 22 years, for better for worth, you know who you are and luckily we managed to get away to Croatia for a few days and enjoyed laughter, singing, dancing and a lot of giggles…

But then, I had to leave the most precious people in my life, my Luc and Gabrielle. My beautiful children are now twenty and twenty-four years old. It was so emotional and even now writing I am still crying, but I know, that they know that I love them more than anything in the world. I hope I have taught them to grow up being well balanced and making the right decisions so they can develop the life skills to live successful lives independently. I will always be there for them, they know that, but they knew also it was time to shift my life to go into the world and inspire people to bring a powerful flow of energy.

The plane trip wasn’t without a little drama, as I passed out and was sick at the same time, oh dear, but fantastic recovery and customer service from the BA team, who managed to make this incident almost as if it hadn’t happened…

I have been preparing this move for a few months now, so I had made lots of connections, looked at websites, groups, social media to get a good understanding of the business life here in Dubai. My first week has been full of activities, from a workshop at the Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Group to the British Business Group networking evening, and of course a couple of days in GITEX, the biggest technology exhibition in the world.

I met with old friends, Faran Niaz, CX Expert and Joyce van Binsbergen being in Dubai that same week. And new ones, Dr Muna has been an angel inviting us into her home and making us feel so welcome.

I am looking forward to be joining the team @Quantum Solutions, as one of their consultant, to help organisations in the UAE and further afield to make game-changing decisions in their businesses to turn their people and places into prosperity. Being back on stages delivering Keynote presentations and sharing my energy and passion with audiences is my big priority, for sure.

So, new life, new country, but I still have the same email if you want to contact me, but a new UAE number, so make a note and connect with me, Whats App seems to be a good way to connect here, although, not video, but messaging and audio works fabulously… +971 569 207 973.

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