Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang

Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang

57% of employees who walk out the door, do so specifically because they can’t stand their boss


People leave Managers not companies….

With the greater challenges in attract and retaining talents, businesses are to invest in innovation and remain relevant in a networked economy. This means stepping away from old school leadership models and embracing diversity of thought in a more holistic company culture with balanced and inspiring leaders.

For over 2,000 years successful and inspiring leaders have learned and applied the concept of Yin & Yang to grow their businesses, increase team loyalty and achieve balance in their work. You lead with the Yin by nurturing a culture of Trust, Engagement, and Care by creating powerful supportive environments within your organisation. You manage with the Yang by delivering on big audacious goals and the delivery of your Employees and Customers promise.

It is my duty, as a keynote speaker, to show you that by bringing together these opposite but interconnected forces it gives your business a competitive edge.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
Bill Gate


When geese fly in the v-formation, the lead bird’s job is not to just tell the other birds where to fly.

The lead bird helps to reduce air drag so that the birds behind can fly for longer distances without expending more energy. In our teams, families, and communities our role as a leader is not just to guide people, but to help others succeed.

When we support our people and work towards a common goal we can go a lot farther, faster.

Leadership is not just for the birds.  We are all leaders, in our business or personal lives. Leadership is not about the title. It’s about being of service to others, being invested, seeing the potential in others and empowering those around you to rise.

We are entering a new era. It is the time to start evolving into the next phase of higher consciousness, where businesses must be accountable for their people and their environment. Businesses have a very strong yang energy, leaders want to be running efficient, productive, and profitable businesses, however pushing, driving, demanding from their workforce constant results with too much emphasis on productivity will kill their brand and reputation.

Change comes from the top, a leader is a goose in front of the flock; 21st century leaders will lead with the Yin bringing more compassionate, better communication, supporting, engaging and inspiring their people and manage with the yang to achieve thriving balanced business.

If you need a speaker, a moderator or an MC for an upcoming event and you feel I can add value to inspire your leaders, as a keynote presentation or a full day workshop, keep me in mind!

79% of people that quit their job said it was due to “lack of appreciation”?!
OC Tanner research


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