Nurturing a T.E.C culture to attract and retain talents


56% of employees in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and other part of the MENA regions have decided to find a new job in 2023



To attract and retain talent, companies must provide more than just great benefits, they need to genuinely show they care by nurturing a culture of Trust, Engagement and Care.

Research from ‘Growth Everywhere’ shows that companies with strong cultures outperform their competition by 20%, earn up to 1.7% more than their peer firms and perform 2.1% better than industry benchmarks.

This week, I was the closing Keynote Speaker at  The Economic Times Future Forward Middle East Conference, with over 600+ attendees, 17 partners & 39 speakers. My topic was ‘Nurturing a Culture of T.E.C to attract and retain talents’ (trust, engagement and care) and also ran a workshop the second day: ‘Creating a holistic approach to Employee Experience to increase employee loyalty.’

Current Challenges

It was clear during this conference that there are common challenges across the UAE and MENA regions and all industries, here are some of the biggest current issues:

  • retain and attract talents,
  • bridging the gap between HR and their board of Directors,
  • the current economic situation, with the inflation, cost rising, and employees’ wages not meeting their basic needs,
  • keeping teams engaged and motivated consistently
  • finding the right balance between hybrid, remote and in-office work

To truly differentiate yourself from the competition I believe that creating an internal environment where you nurture a culture of trust, engagement, and care to optimize employees productivity is the only way you will attract and retain your employees.

Those 3 core principles should be a fundamental aspect of a company’s culture because it plays a critical role in fostering strong relationships, collaboration, and innovation among employees. When employees trust one another and their leadership, they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, asking for help, and taking risks. This sense of psychological safety promotes a positive work environment where employees feel cared for and valued, keep  employees engaged and motivated to work together towards your company’s common goals.

T.E.C isn’t just good for your employees, but it’s also good for your customers and all your stakeholders. When a company has a reputation for being trustworthy, for looking after it’s employees, it is more likely to attract and retain customers’ advocacy, investors, and partners and be prosperous, it’s a winner all around…

Thank you so much for joining us at The Economic Times Future Forward Middle East and making it a big success! Your presence created a big difference and some insightful content you shared through your keynote & workshop was truly an eye opener & insightful. Your keynote was a perfect closing keynote for our conference. Our audience just loved the workshop and appreciated the learning they had from your sessions. You were truly a show-stopper for our conference.
Shashi Sharma Lead – Special Initiatives, ETHRWorld International The Economic Times


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