Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

A collaborative book of powerful stories from 29 inspiring women

She Is Remarkable is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 29 inspiring women. These authors are spread out between the US, Australia, Lebanon, Jersey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE.  

The authors, each from different backgrounds, narrate their life changing experiences in the simplest formats that have the ability to connect with a reader emotionally, spiritually and  inspire them. This book is bound to maintain its past legacy of previous publications and keep the reader creatively engaged through the chapters while giving a unique feel of empowerment and self-calibration.

'Be remarkable always because you deserve to be happy and live the life you deserve!

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For putting this book together and getting all those incredible women from around the world to share their stories.

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It is in extraordinary times that we must take stock of what we do, what is working and what we need to let go

Do or Die..

I wrote this chapter ‘Do or Die’ in the midth of changing my life totally and starting a new chapter. It required me to confront difficult emotions and memories that I probably wanted to avoid or forget as I lost all my business after 10 years of hard work. It was a time to be honest and vulnerable with myself, a time to face difficult truths about my situation, my life, my business and where I was going next.

It was also the discovery of new path, the creation of my BizShui™ Method which made me come out of my comfort zone but totally made me feel a sense of being on purpose in life and having a clear sense of direction.

I wanted those few thousand words to inspiring anyone who is facing difficult trauma to have the courage to take control to transform their lives and find ways to move forward and overcome adversity. Turning emotional and physical chaos into pathways towards well-being, happiness and prosperity.

This chapter will give the readers hope and inspiration to persevere and take action to change despite fear and doubt. For them to embrace the woo in themselves, to increase inner and outer energy flow and give them practical keys to move from trauma, anxiety, stress and bring towards being healthy, vibrant, happy and ready to live life on purpose.

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She is Remarkable, The Book!

The women who surround us are remarkable. There are those we look to for inspiration, those on whom we base our goals, those who fight for equality, and those who can see a bit of ourselves in. Remarkability is she who makes the most of what she has and turns her life from ordinary to extraordinary.

This book brings together stories from inspiring women who have overcome obstacles or created something out of nothing. It will uplift  and inspire you to achieve something with your lives through relating to those stories.

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