The Pursuit of Happiness, the power of positive CX


Employees who reported feeling engaged, happy and satisfied at work were 21% more productive than those who reported feeling disengaged or unhappy.l


DWP Congress

Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to speak at the Destination Wedding Planner Congress in Doha. It was my first time in Qatar, and what a different energy from Dubai. Dubai has a very strong energy as soon as you arrive those yang energy vibrations can be overwhelming for some people. In the opposite, as soon as I arrived in Doha airport, there was a sense of calm and peaceful yin energy in the air.

Happiness Keynote Speaker

The team from @QNAinternational had call me their ‘Happiness Keynote Speaker’.

Wow, I felt very grateful to have been given this title. Happiness, joy, love are all positive emotions that can bring a sense of pleasure, contentment, and satisfaction, as soon as you feel those emotions your body released happy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. Being able to make people feel joy, happiness is an amazing feeling, actually, a real selfish conscious action from me, if I make other people feel happy, I feel happy and joyful and want to do it again and again.

We all know that Happy Employee + Happy Customers = Happy business… The pursuit of creating happiness in the workplace should be what we all aim to do, creating happy moments for our customers, creating happy workspaces for our employees to feel good,  consciously looking at ways to create those moments of happiness.

Of course, things don’t always go right, in the second part of my keynote presentation, I suddenly transformed into a Mystery Shopper. The pursuit of happiness is to be able to manage those moments, celebrate the exceptional one and also identify the gaps. Through true stories, it is easier to understand how your customers feel when the service isn’t meeting their expectations. You can be a lot more compassionate and actually customers will be even more connected with you once you manage a difficult situation, how you turn a negative into a positive will bring even more happiness, they make you connected emotionally and turn them into advocates.

Research has shown that experiencing positive emotions like happiness and joy can have a variety of benefits, including improving physical health, increasing resilience, enhancing social connections and life enjoyment.

So go on, go and share some happiness, as we celebrate Happiness Day today, be very, very selfish and share some love, joy and happiness with people around you.

Sending you all my positive shiny energy…

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