Turn your people and places into prosperity in 2023

Turn your people and places into prosperity in 2023

2022, DONE ✔️

As we are still in the midst of the New Year’s Day celebrations in accordance with the modern Gregorian calendar. You may not know but it was only in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII established January 1 as New Year’s Day, which has been celebrated since. In Asia, the Spring Festival follows the Lunar cycle and therefore will be celebrating this year on Sunday 22nd January, so more on that to come at the end of the month for my festive Chinese New Year celebration as we enter the new energy of the rabbit.😉

So, it is my responsibility, as an inspirational speaker, to empower organisations in my presentations to to move forward as we are entering into a new era. It is time to evolve into the next phase of higher consciousness where businesses become accountable for their environment, their employees and their customers.

Over 98 percent of the most highly engaged employees say their workplace helps them feel a sense of belonging to their company and its culture


The secret for success

As we are all struggling to find a better balance in our business, with increasing pressure on the workforce, working hybrid situation, employees engagement at a low, customers expectations and competition sky high, with this very fragile world economy, how can you thrive in 2023. There are only 2 metrics you need to take care of to have a successful business and that is your customers and your employees, right? without either of them you have no business… 

This is why , as a global keynote speaker, I have created a roadmap for you, that you can follow so you can be inspired to turn your people and places into prosperity.

The BizShui™ method

I have spent the last couple of years, refining this method and so pleased to be able to share it with you now. Download your  BizShui™ RoadMap Brochure with the key ingredients you need to master/harness/embody:

– Create harmonious environments with positive, empowering energy flow

– Deliver exceptional BizShui Experiences to enhance your customer experience and optimize your employees’ productivity.

– Nurture a T.E.C culture – trust, engagement & care and truly find yourself running an authentic, thriving and prosperous business.

As the Great Resignation continues, PWC survey shows that one in five employees say they are planning to switch jobs in the next year.


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