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Exclusive Weekend Retreat

Achieve FABness

by BEing Remarkable

Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Empowering Fabness...

  • 94% of employees say they’re happier when they feel confident at work (Indeed Research)
  • A staggering 85% of women do not believe they are attractive (Censuswide)
  • 97% of employees said when they feel valued by their employer it boosts their confidence therefore they perform better (Indeed Survey)

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May 2023

Welcome to the ultimate exclusive retreat for women looking to unlock their full potential and become truly remarkable. Nestled in one of the most beautiful part of Dubai, our retreat offers a serene and private environment where you can escape the distractions of daily life and focus on yourself.

Our experienced speakers will share with you their expertise in helping you identify and overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back, and empower you to reach new heights of success and fulfillment.

You will be pampered with luxury accommodations (should you choose to stay overnight), while also participating in a variety of workshops and activities that will help you to develop new skills, build confidence and tap into your unique strengths.

  • Are you feeling unheard?
  • Do you have a fear of retribution for speaking out?
  • Is there power imbalances in your workplace
  • Do you doubts your competences and accomplishments?
  • Are you too shy to promote yourself?
  • Do you have a feelings of low selfesteem and lack of confidence?

If you answer YES to any of those, these would certainly prevent women from reaching your full potential. Whether you’re looking to advance in your career, start a new business, or simply live a more fulfilling life, our retreat is the perfect place to take the first step towards becoming truly remarkable.

Be remarkable always because you deserve to be happy and live the life you deserve!

Take Action to...

Boost your confidence to optimize your productivity and influence

Discover your why, and have the tools to shout it out loud online and offline

Harmonize your inner and outer environment to increase your creativity, focus and well-being

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided

Experience BEING Remarkable...

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May 2023

Using the energy of the New Moon, let’s get together for two days, sharing with you BizShui tools and a holistic approach to finding the best of yourself through Yin and Yang energy activities. This ‘You are Remarkable’ weekend will provide an opportunity for women in business to gain knowledge, build confidence, and form relationships with other likeminded women. It will be a great way to be empowered to take a step towards becoming stronger to be more visible, independent and prosperous.

  1. Increased self-awareness: Through these workshops, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, values, and goals, which will help them to make more informed decisions and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.
  2. Improved confidence: By taking the time to focus on themselves and their goals, participants will develop a stronger sense of self-worth and a more positive self-image, which will help them to be more assertive and confident in their interactions with others.
  3. Enhanced personal and professional skills: The workshops and activities offered at the retreat will provide participants with the opportunity to learn new skills, such as communication, leadership, and time management, which will help them to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.
  4. Increased motivation and accountability: By setting specific goals and receiving guidance and support from experienced coaches, participants will be more motivated and accountable to take action towards achieving their aspirations.
  5. Relaxation and rejuvenation: The retreat’s luxury accommodations, gourmet meals and spa treatments will help participants to relax, re-energize and return home with a renewed sense of balance and well-being.


Saturday 20th May

  • 9am: Welcome
  • 9.15am: #IamRemarkable
  • 9.45am: Finding your Why
  • 10.15am: Confidence and motivation
  • 10.45am Healthy Break
  • 11.30am: Dress to impress with Image consultant
  • 12pm: Discover your marketing voice with Lucy Bradley
  • 12.30pm: Linkedin Profile Booster with Sam Drake
  • 1pm: Loving your image, with photographer
  • 1.30pm: lunch
  • 2.30pm: Mini-workshops: Essential Oils with Sunita Techchand – Yoga with Magali Le Normand- Crystals
  • 4pm: Afternoon Tea and leisure time to speak to the exhibitors
  • 9pm Evening New Moon Meditation with Lisa Oxford under the stars

Sunday 21st May

  • 9am: Welcome back
  • 9.15am Morning Networking
  • 10.15am: Feng Shui your environment with Claire Boscq
  • 11am: Healthy Break
  • 11.45am: Emotional Intelligence and Resilience tools with Julie Lewis
  • 12.15pm: Speaking from your heart with Olga Geidane
  • 1pm: Lunch
  • 2pm: Mini-workshops: Essential Oils – Yoga – Crystals
  • 4pm: Goal setting to empower FABness with Dr Joyce Carols Van Binsberen
  • 4.45pm: Closing of the weekend

Here are our experts to help you turn from being Invisible to Remarkable...


Olga Geidane

Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach

Olga Geidane


Sam Drake

Founder at Qwerty Digital, Online Marketing Expert

Sam Drake


Claire Boscq

BizShui Creator, Feng Shui expert

Claire Boscq


Lisa Oxford

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and New Moon Meditation

Lisa Oxford


The Venue

To be confirmed

The Cost

Make the most of the weekend and stay overnight or join us for the 2-days retreat only.

2-Day including overnight stay and breakfast

  • 2-day conference
  • Lunch & healthy breaks
  • Networking event
  • New Moon Meditation and sound healing
  • One night in a double room with 2 people sharing
  • Breakfast
  • Access to Exhibitors
  • Swag bag

2-Day conference only

  • 2-day conference
  • Lunch & healthy breaks
  • Networking event
  • New Moon Meditation and sound healing
  • Access to Exhibitors
  • Swag bag

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