Keynote Speaker

Claire Boscq

No 1 Woman Customer eXperience 'Global Gurus' with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the Customer eXperience industry.

Your Personal Energizer

Embrace Exciting Transformations

Energize your People and Places into Prosperity by:

Firing up Audiences

Use the No 1 Women Customer Experience Global Gurus, to influence, drive engagement, awareness, and sales for your brand.


If you want a thriving, prosperous solopreneur, small business owner, these are the 4 key ingredients you need to master:

I believe it is my purpose to bring radiance & energy into people and places, to enhance lives and businesses.

Claire Boscq

Experience The Energizer

Are you tired of attending events with lackluster energy and uninspiring speakers?

Motivational Speaker

Inspire audiences to take action to energize their people and places
with the BIZSHUI™ METHOD, to creating and unlocking prosperity.

Event Energizer

Firing up your audience to unlock stale and stagnant energy in your event, leaving attendees feeling invigorated and inspired, ready to take action.


Energy-Motivation-Power, those classes will take your teams to another level. Re-igniting their potential to enrich your customers' lives.

They trust Claire

Enthused Clients around the World...

Turning people and places into prosperity

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