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Claire Boscq

Originally from France, I have lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, for over 20 years. Are you ready to elevate your business, empower your team, and infuse every interaction with positive vibes?

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My mission has always been to inspire businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

I am a Keynote Speaker and share my passion and insight with organisations and individuals the powerful tools of my BizShui™ Method; creating better flow in work places by integrating a blend of the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business & personal needs, reducing physical and emotional stresses to increase productivity, loyalty and prosperity. 

Voted, 6 consecutive years, No 1 Woman Global Customer Experience Guru I have been working for over three decades, seen as an authority the Customer Experience Industry. I bring a more holistic and comprehensive approach to Employee and Customer experience using different techniques such Feng Shui, NLP, EI, Mindfulness.

Energizing people and places into prosperity.

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Claire Boscq is the No 1 woman  Customer Experience Global Gurus with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the customer experience industry.

International best seller author with 4 published books, she is making her mark as an influential figure in media across Brazil, UAE, India, Asia, US, and Europe.

Claire has captivated audiences in over 20 countries; delivering dynamic and high-energy presentations in both French and English. Not only has she claimed the Institute of Director Award, but she also holds a position on the board of the Feng Shui Guilds Association.

What sets Claire apart is her holistic approach to Customer & Employee Experience, with her creation the BizShui™ Method. This unique methodology blends traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business and personal needs, infusing businesses with a powerful energy flow. Claire’s expertise doesn’t stop at customer experience; she truly energizes people and places into prosperity.

Are you ready to shift your vibes?

4 Books to inspire you to thrive

Are you ready to shift your vibes?

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It’s been a long time since I have been hiding ‘The secret weapon to thrive’, so now it’s time to share with you how you can make a real difference in your life and business by using the ancient Feng Shui principles in alignment with your inner and outer energy.
I have discovered those techniques over a decade ago and the transformation by making very simple changes in your place is remarkable…

Claire Boscq