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Originally from France, I have lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, since 2000, I capitalised on the experience gained in my hospitality career having worked at Epcot Centre, in Disney World-Florida ran and open 4 start hotels, and I set up my own business, in 2009, The Busy Queen Bee.

My mission is to inspire global businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences in bring more care into what they do; enhancing their environments, measuring and improving employees’ performances to drive customer loyal, ultimately growth and prosperity. 

 No 3 Global Customer Experience Guru  UK Top 20 CX Influencer and CX Thought Leader, with three decades of expertise in Mystery shopping and Customer Service, I am an authority the Customer Experience Industry. I bring a more holistic and comprehensive approach to Employee and Customer eXperience using different techniques such her Business Feng Shui program, NLP, EI, Mindfulness. Empowering leaders to turn their people and places into prosperity.

I am a Keynote Speaker and Consultant, and love sharing with organisations and individuals my new BizShui™ Method; creating better flow in home-offices and work places by integrating a blend of the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business & personal needs, reducing physical and emotional stresses to increase productivity, loyalty and prosperity.

I am the Author of three books; Thrive with the Hive published in 2016 and recently launched in 2018 Thriving by Caring, with its Audible version and its French version Prospérer en étant attentionné. And No 1 Amazon Customer Service Best Seller, The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper, true Customer Service Stories through the eyes of a secret shopper.

I launched my new book: Bizshui, 9 Keys to Feng Shui  your Business for success in February 2022.

Then March 2020 happened...

2020 started with some mind-blowing news, when I received
an email to announce that I was listed No.3 on the Global
Customer Service Guru List, for four consecutive years, which is amazing, as this is decided by a people vote. So, thank you so much to all who voted for me last year!
And then March 2020 arrived…
And our whole world went into the most unprecedented crisis…
Covid_19 hit us all!
In 3 days, I had lost 100% of my clients. All my speaking gigs
and training sessions and mystery shopping programmes had been
But with my usual optimism, the same thought came to me as
when I started my business back in 2009, during the Recession –
surely, businesses will need to seriously focus on taking care of
their employees and on retaining every single customer they have
during the Pandemic, but businesses were fire-fighting themselves
and customer service was the last thing on their mind!

I went down like a brick, I had never felt so low, and I couldn’t see
how I was going to live, pay my rent, buy food for my two children
(being a single mum for 12 years) and making sure that they were
going to be okay as had always been my priority. What was I going
to do!!
All these worries took a huge strain on my emotional, mental
and physical state of being. However, I feel lucky that I have an
incredible support network, my friends, my family, everyone came
to the ‘rescue’. I also feel that over the last 10 years, I had invested a
lot of time in my personal development and learnt techniques such
as resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, all those ‘soft’
skills (I hate that word, they should be called ‘essential skills’) were
also the reason why I moved forward so quickly and took control
of my life again.
It is in those extraordinary times that we have to take stock of
what we do, why we do and how we can help our clients. So, I
just did that. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I decided to retire from
running my Mystery Shopping operation. The toughest decision I
had to take for a long time, but I wanted to continue on my mission
to focus on helping businesses with their Employee and Customer
Experience Strategy to create a bigger impact on their businesses
improvement, by supporting them with their journey.
Things were slow, very slow, but I was determined to push myself
even more to the top and show myself, my kids, my friends and
family, that I could do it, I would make it work once again.

And one day, as I attended a virtual mastermind class, the guest
speaker was Debra Moffit. Debra is an intuition expert and as she
introduced herself, she pointed to me on the zoom screen, asking if
she could say something to me, as she felt compelled to do so!!
Her message blew my mind… she basically said that things were not
going right for me at the moment, because I wasn’t on the right path.
I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing.

I knew straight away what she was talking about: Feng Shui!

Sharing the Secret Weapon toThrive

I discovered Feng Shui around 2011, carried on with my search to understand more about
Feng Shui and met Davina MacKail, author of Hay House Best
Seller ‘Feng Shui, Create Health, wealth and happiness through the
Power of your Home’. She was a real inspiration and still is, as I
have the honor to have Davina as my coach and she has been
incredibly instrumental to my current success.
She has shared with me her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and love
for Feng Shui. She had studied Feng Shui for years and years, from
all different masters and different schools and I was so grateful to
learn from her.
I then studied several schools and now blend the techniques to
adapt to my clients’ needs. I guess I am following a fusion of Black
Hat-Style, Contemporary and Environment psychology…

I had a real passion for Feng Shui BUT had never put it into
practice in a business environment, despite the encouragements
from Davina. I practised it at home and with friends but never at
I felt that people would think I had gone ‘Woo-Woo’ and would
lose my credibility in front of my clients. But I had no clients any
more, and nothing to lose, so I decided to bring the Feng Shui into
my business!!
Wow, it felt as if I had come out of the closet!! Suddenly, I felt so
free to use the word Feng Shui, and was starting to think how I
could mix the principles with the customer experience!!

That’s how The BizShui™ Method was born…


It’s been a long time since I have been hiding ‘The secret weapon to thrive’, so now it’s time to share with you how you can make a real difference in your life and business by using the ancient Feng Shui principles in alignment with your inner and outer energy.

I have discovered those techniques over a decade ago and the transformation by making very simple changes in your place is remarkable… 

Want to know more??

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