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Keynote Speaker

Claire Boscq

No 1 Woman Customer eXperience 'Global Gurus' with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the Customer eXperience Industry.


Inspiring audiences to take action

Energizing people and places into prosperity
through the BIZSHUI™ Method

Lead with the Yin, Manage with the Yang

People leave Managers not companies…. Did you know that one in four people quit their jobs after the pandemic, or that 57% of employees who walk out the door, do so specifically because they can’t stand their boss? With the greater challenges in attract and retaining talents, businesses are to invest in innovation and remain relevant in a networked economy. This means stepping away from old school leadership models and embracing diversity of thought in a more holistic company culture with balanced and inspiring leaders. For over 2,000 years successful and inspiring leaders have learned and applied the concept of Yin & Yang to grow their businesses, increase team loyalty and achieve balance in their work. You lead with the Yin by nurturing a culture of Trust, Engagement, and Care by creating powerful supportive environments within your organisation. You manage with the Yang by delivering on big audacious goals and the delivery of your Employees and Customers promise. By bringing together these opposite but interconnected forces it gives your business a competitive edge.
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Happy Employees Drive Customer Advocacy

Did you know that highly engaged teams result in 21% greater profitability! Engaged, valued, cared for employees have a different energy; they feel good. Therefore, they are more present, they don’t just serve your customers, but they truly care about doing what is right for them by connecting on an emotional level resulting on being more attuned to your customers' needs. When an organisation nurtures a culture of Trust, Engagement and Care, everyone is a winner; this is how you will optimize employees' productivity and enhance customer experience and advocacy, ultimately your bottom line. In this high energy presentation, Claire will share her BizShui Roadmap with practical steps to energize your people and places into prosperity.
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Can you afford to be clueless about your customer service?

You want to increase your profitability, don’t you?So can’t afford to be clueless about the customer service you deliver! 82% of customers will not return to your organisation if poor service is received… Imagine finding a way to increase your customer loyalty by understanding what is happening in your business when you are not there, discovering if your employees deliver on your brand promise or not, and if they create exceptional customer experiences consistently. Let the Mystery Shopping Queen shares with you during this enthusiastic presentation, the secrets of exponential growth with the powerful tool of Mystery Shopping. Through real-life customer service stories, Claire will inspire you to take action, drive change and increase performances by taking a customer-centric approach.
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Event Energizer: Firing up Audiences

Unlocking stale and stagnant energy, leaving attendees feeling invigorated and inspired to enhance experience, increase engagement, differential from the competitors.

Event Host

Highly experienced Event Host (Emcee, MC or Master of Ceremonies) I will take total responsibility for guiding the flow of your event, maintaining the audience’s attention, and creating a positive and engaging experience for your attendees, your speakers and sponsors.


Being a skilled guide to enable your groups to work together effectively, achieve your objectives, and make informed decisions through inclusive and collaborative processes.


I have a unique and dynamic approach to conferences that transforms the energy in the room, I have a gift to arouse crowds, lift people up and work a room’s energy naturally!


Creating a safe, inclusive, and well-moderated environment for discussions, interactions, and activities within a group or community, and ensures that the group’s rules and guidelines are followed.

Brand Energizer: Stimulating Visibility

Top 50 CX Influencer 2023, use Claire to influence, drive engagement, awareness, and sales for your brand.


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Brand Ambassador

Representing your brand in a positive way and creating awareness to increase visibility for your brand, on a variety of roles, such as attending events, engaging with customers, promoting products/services, creating content for social media, participating in marketing campaigns.

E-M-Power Class

Energizing, Motivating and Powering up your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Keynote Sponsorship

As one of the top global thought-leader in the CX industry, you can position yourself as a leader in that domain as well. Using your case studies in my presentations, this will enhance your reputation and establish yourself as an authority in the industry too.

Rolodex Program

Playing the role of Chef d’Orchestre, I have outsourced an ecosystem of fantastic partners, who share collective value for a common outcome to help you to thrive.

Keynote Sponsorship
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Personal Energizer: Boosting Individuals

If you want a thriving, prosperous solopreneur, small business owner, these are the 4 key ingredients you need to master


Good speaking skills are crucial for business owners as they play a pivotal role in effective communication, leadership, presentations, networking, crisis management, and brand building.

Feng Shui

Creating a powerful supportive environment, will have a direct affect on you and your business, using the principles of Feng Shui will improve flow and increase your prosperity.


You have no business without customers or employees, let me help you every step of your Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) journey with you to increase their loyalty.


Branding you valuable expertise, fresh perspectives, strategic planning in various aspects of marketing, such as market research, strategic planning, branding, digital marketing, social media, content marketing, and more...

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