Embracing the Golden Milestone: Celebrating my 50th birthday, a proud moment

Anyone having reached the age of 50 would know is a significant milestone in one’s life. It’s a time when we reflect upon our journey, accomplishments, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Rather than viewing it as a turning point towards old age, as I am celebrating my 50th birthday I am celebrating this time as a proud moment of my growth, wisdom, and new beginnings.


Embracing Wisdom:

As we grow older, we accumulate a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. My 50th birthday is a testament to the valuable life lessons I have gathered throughout the years. I have spent years self-developing and learning new tools and techniques such as Feng Shui, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mindfulness, and so much more. I feel it is time to embrace the wisdom I have acquired and share it with others. Celebrating this milestone allows me to acknowledge my personal growth and the unique insights we can offer to our loved ones and the world.

Accomplishments and Achievements:

As I turn 50, I stopped and took some time to realise the achieved numerous milestones in various aspects of my life. Whether it’s in my careers, relationships, personal goals, or raising my two beautiful children, Luc and Gabrielle. I have overcome challenges from my divorce, to loosing all my business, but always pushed forward and accomplished things that have shaped me into who I am today. Celebrating my 50th birthday allows me to take stock of my achievements and be proud of how far I have come.


New Beginnings:

You all know the last 9 months, have been the beginning of a new chapter for me, with moving to Dubai. My 50th birthday is not the end of an era but the beginning of a new exciting life. It’s a time where I find myself at a point of self-reflection and self-discovery. Where I have more time, Luc and Gabby now being adults, I feel I have the freedom to pursue new passions, explore different interests, and embark on new adventures. Embracing this milestone as a proud moment which is going to open the doors to exciting opportunities and the chance to reinvent myself and step into a new version of me; Claire V.2…

Celebrating with Loved Ones:

Birthdays are moments to be cherished, and the 50th birthday is an even better reason. As I am writing this blog, I have flown 7,000 km to be with my children, my crazy friends, and all of my loved ones to celebrate this fabulous life I have lived. Surrounding myself with the people who have supported us throughout the years, the good times and the hard ones, brings me so much joy, love, and a sense of appreciation. I want to use this 50th birthday to reconnect, create lasting memories, and express gratitude for the relationships I have  nurtured over the years.

Claire Boscq Family

Self-Care and Energy:

Apart from the celebrations, it’s essential to take time for self-care and energy boosters. You may have followed my Energizer tips videos, I have been publishing (if not, check them out here). This 50th birthday serves me as a reminder to prioritize my emotional, physical and mental well-being. Engaging in activities that bring me joy, love, laughter and where I feel good embracing this new phase of my life with enthusiasm, passion and energy.

50th is not just a number

It represents a lifetime of experiences, growth, and wisdom. I am seeing this time as a real moment of  celebrating, a proud moment of accomplishment, resilience, totally perseverance, and a burning desire to live my best life with endless possibilities.

Who is coming with me on this new adventure??


As I want to give and share some of that wisdom and help you live your best life too, without waiting to be 50!! I have decided to celebrate my birthday and give you something… I am giving away 50 FREE, 50mins, ‘Pick My Brain’, coachsulting session… so BOOK your one-to-one session with me and together let’s get you growing and shining.