How to use the Bagua Map in your Business

How to use the Bagua Map in your Business

There are many principles of Feng Shui and you have heard me talk about CHI, the energy all around us, the principles of yin and yang and the five elements.  All of these Chinese ideologies were inspired by nature and sought to balance how humans can live in harmony in living in human-made houses by bringing the natural world into their homes.

The bagua is the Feng Shui energy map. It is the most known principle in Feng Shui practice and a very powerful tool to use. The bagua offers a way to evaluate the energy field of your environment. 

Bagua literally means “BA” -eight and “GUA” means sectors or areas in Chinese. Therefore, the bagua is eight areas around a centre. As you are the centre of your life, the centre is you, your health and is the 9th square. All of these areas are connected to different aspects of life and each gua (or area) also has a set of characteristics and qualities, such as colours, elements, shapes, organs, and so much more. 

The placement of the Bagua starts at your front door or your office door or your business door. Doors are the mouth of the CHI, where the energy flows, so if you stand at your door looking into your office, you can now imagine the space divided into 9 squares. You can draw a floor map if that’s easier to start with.

From your door you will be standing on either the blue, black or grey squares you can see on the drawing. Then you can start understanding where your 9 areas are and their meaning.

I have created my own version of a Business Bagua, for example; the top right hand side corner in a home would be called the love and relationships gua, in a business environment, I will call it the business relationships, your business partners, your clients.

As I was preparing a Bagua Guide, I asked one of my friend who is an intuitive painter to create a very special bagua. So, I would like to say a BIG MASSIVE MERCI to Laura Staisiunas who painted all of the paintings, those represent the Bagua energy Map and the 9 areas of our lives. Each one of the bagua has their own personality that Laura channeled. She used ‘alcohol inks’ to create those very unique colours and the energy just pop!! 

Check out Laura’s website https://littleaspenstudios.com/

So let’s take a look at the 9 guas together:

  1. Career and Business Purpose (Black and blue square, bottom middle)

This first gua represents the journey of your business, including your career. The Water element also symbolises cash flow. Have you ever noticed a fish tank at the entrance of a Chinese restaurant? Well this is why, because water represents money, so having some moving water there is a perfect start of your enhancements.

There I would love for you to add your intentions for your business, your mission, vision, value, what you are inspiring to do in your career.

You can also add:

Artwork about water (doesn’t have to be a fish tank, can be a painting) water feature or fountain or even a doTERRA diffusor, it diffuses water, smells gorgeous and has a little bubbly noise!

Add anything black, dark blue, a mirror.

You can keep the light on if you want to ignite a new career.

Organic, flowing shapes.

  1. Knowledge & Self-Cultivation (Blue square bottom left handside)

Represents skill-building and the cultivation of knowledge. What do you need to learn in order to run your business? What training do you need for your staff and yourself to continue to be as efficient as you can? This could also b a good place for a meditation corner or a place of contemplation, an alter or anything you like to pray to.

Good enhancements for this area:

Art symbolising study, stillness, contemplation, your business library, training & development area.

  1. Your Business Growth & Team Structure (Green square, middle left)

Represents the structure of the business; your team, your workforce and the leadership. What do you need to keep your business rooted, strong and continuously growing?

Good enhancements for this area:

Team photos; organisational charts.

Plants, big strong plants, lots of greenery, which can be botanical prints, green or wooden items.

Anything tall and vertical, like floor lamps, etc.

  1. Prosperity & Wealth of your business (Purple & Gold Square, top left)

This gua represents your abundance and prosperity, like, show me the money, as well as your sense of gratitude.

What to add here! Add anything that represents money to you:

Items that symbolise the prosperity of the business, your cheque books, a box with cash you can drop some coins everytime you walk past it.

Add a money tree, my little secret, find a little mirror, place a couple of $100 bills on top, or whatever currency you use, then place your money tree and see your money double.

Place here the things for which you feel truly grateful: great clients, successful business ideas, a picture of your fabulous storefront.

  1. You and your business Marketing, Fame & Reputation (Red Square, top, middle)

This is you, your brand, it is what people say when you are not there. This gua represents brand, business integrity; how you and your business are known (and wish to be known) in the world. How visible are you? How do you market yourself and have loyal customers?

Good enhancements for this area:

Your business logo, marketing plan.

Certificates of achievement, great press mentions and magazines you have been in.

Add some fire, lights, candles, anything red will ignite some fire in that area.

  1. Your Business Relationships (Pink Square, top-right)

Well, in here it’s the love for your business and your business relationships, partnerships; nurturing customer loyalty.

Add a little love in this area with:

Files containing contracts and partnership info

Photos or objects symbolising successful working relationships

Who are the clients you would love to work with?  Have your target list here.

  1. Creativity and new projects (White Square, middle-right)

This gua represents the joy of staring new business projects and openness to new ideas, being creative, thinking outside the box, how can you make your business more innovative?

Good enhancements for this area:

Items that help you visualise the future: a vision board, for example

Anything silver, round,

Ad an area for your people to sit and be creative, plastic on the wall and pens, let your mind go wild.

  1. Travel & Tribe building (Silver Square, bottom-right)

This is another super important gua, it represents your business network, your tribe, who do you need to surround yourself with to have a successful business? Your ability to get and give help, and to create mutually beneficial business relationships is here.

Good enhancements for this area:

Business cards box, telephone directory (if you still have one!)

Anyone who is helping you in your business, insurance, builders, maintenance…

Who do you need a helping hand from?

And if you want your business to be global, where is your business going?

  1. And finally the Centre, yours and your business’ health

Represents the health of the business. Keep that space as open as you can – and as uncluttered as you can, Centre helps keep the other areas be connected and in balance.

Now you have a good idea on all the areas of your business, stand at your door and start looking at your workplace with a different eye… time to shift some energy!

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