One in five CX programs will disappear — and one in 10 will be stronger than ever.


Not my job!

How many times have you heard that one before? I was walking into a shop the other day, for a queries with my bill, as I asked for help to the young man, I could see his manager stood behind us, as the young man asked him a question so he could help me, he then turned round and left the shop floor, the young man came back and said: ‘I don’t know, I will send an email for someone to call you…’ you can imagine how I reacted, I was so frustrated, so annoyed, I left the shop at once. Have you had this experience before?? asking a question if they can help with a queries you have with their company and the answer; ‘sorry, it’s not my department, let me put you through someone else’ or ‘not my job, go and ask over there!!’.

It doesn’t matter that our customers get frustrated or even worth go to the competition, this is the way to we do things, WRONG… my advice, is from the moment you employ someone in your organisation is to empower them. Yes, they are all working toward delivering on your promise. This should even be in their contract, the training you give them should be a holistic approach to your business. Regularly organise, job swap, it is such a simple but powerful exercise to bring everyone together in your quest to be the best. Create a culture where you are all in the same journey and all are empowered to be on that journey. It’s a good job, I wasn’t mystery shopping that particular company, the report would have not been the best!!

Only big companies need to focus on customer experience!!

Another thing I often hear, ‘only big companies need to focus on customer experience’!! Of course, only large organisations have big budgets to focus on customer experience… WRONG… well you may as well, not start a business, if that’s your thinking. From the moment you have an idea for a business, everything you do HAS to revolve around the customer experience that you are going to deliver. Mapping out every steps your customer is going to take and every touch point of his life cycle with you. Traintrain, and train, look at the small and the big steps, reduce friction and increase customer loyalty and profit!

CX is a one-time event

And my last point but certainly not least… Customer experience is a one-time event; we have taken on a CX expert (someone like me 😉) and they are helping us to develop a CX strategy and that’s it, ‘we are doing CX!!’ WRONG… although I believe a lot more organisations do understand the importance of CX, from a support or customer interactions, I think there are still many leaders and board of directors which look at it as a tick-box exercise and not as an priority in their organisation’s overall strategy. 

Your customers has to be in the middle of every conversations you have, every board meetings, every team huddles. It should be a continue improvement, in my BizShui method, I share the 4 steps you have to take for every strategy you put in place to improve service delivery:

  1. Diagnose Gaps
  2. Develop Strategy
  3. Train/Implement 
  4. Measure results

AND REPEAT, and repeat…

Increasing customer advocacy

Forrester report shows that lower-performing brands are solving basic CX problems, while top brands are struggling to embrace transformative CX improvements. To stand out from this tightening pack, companies must embrace customer obsession and pursue CX innovations that differentiate their brand, rather than relying on CX strategies that consumers perceive as similar. 

So if you want your customers to come back to you, buy from you and recommend you to their friends and family, they deserve to be part of every conversation you have in your business, because remember, no customers, no business!!

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