Do or Die, She Remarkable, the book


It is in extraordinary times that we must take stock of what we do, what is working and what we need to let go
Claire Boscq


June 2022

Looking through Linkedin, I noticed a post from Saana Azzam, the founder of Experts’ Market and MENA Speakers – the leading speakers’ agency in the Middle East. The title was:

‘Do you have a story to tell?? we are connecting to all the great women in our network to apply to join us as an author in our upcoming collaborative book. We believe that inspiring stories provide valuable suggestions and learning from experiences that could inspire others to make their own dreams come true!’

I read this and I totally felt compelled to connect with her; I felt as if she was talking to me… 

As a keynote speaker, I know the importance of story telling, this is the way you really connect on an emotional level. So following our conversation, I decided to join Saana on this journey and share a part of my story. This was the beginning of a long, hard look at my life over the last few years.

It required me to confront difficult emotions and memories that I probably wanted to avoid or forget as I lost all my business after 10 years of hard work. It was a time to be honest and vulnerable with myself, a time to face difficult truths about my situation, my life, my business and where I was going next.

It was also the discovery of new path, the creation of my BizShui™ Method which made me come out of my comfort zone but totally made me feel a sense of being on purpose in life and having a clear sense of direction.

Being Remarkable!

Now you may read my story and relate to it, you may have had those moments where you’ve told yourself DO or DIE, and something, somewhere deep inside of you said: DO. So here is how remarkable women DO because they are never give up, 9 steps to be remarkable:

R- Resilient, oh yes, you are going to get knocked down but then get up again and move forward with fierce perseverance.

E – Emotional intelligent, understand yourself so you can understand others is a powerful tool, use your emotions to connect and be very conscious of your decisions.

M- Motivation, motivation comes from a deep place inside you, intrinsic motivation is there from the day you were born, you just re-ignite it.

A-Attitude, whatever happen you can do it, you choose to be positively optimistic in every situations.

R- Responsible, be totally accountable, take action, move with the flow if something isn’t working, change it.

K- Kindness, take care yourself first, put the mask in front of yourself so you can present for others. Be self-compassionate and kind.

A- A-team, surround yourself by people who have your back, and Ask… not easy to do, I know, but ask for help and support is how you can grow and evolve faster and bigger.

B-Burning desire, keep faith always, you will read in the first part of the book, what I mean, keep faith always so you will achieve your dreams.

L- Listening, your intuition is your best friend, listen to those guts feelings they will always show you the way

E- Energy, work with outer and inner CHI, recharge your own batteries, meditate, and use feng shui to harmonize your life.

Be remarkable always because you deserve to be happy and live the life you want!​
Claire Boscq


Launching this week

I wanted those few thousand words to inspiring anyone who is facing difficult trauma to have the courage to take control to transform their lives and find ways to move forward and overcome adversity. Turning emotional and physical chaos into pathways towards well-being, happiness and prosperity.

This chapter will give the readers hope and inspiration to persevere and take action to change despite fear and doubt. For them to embrace the woo in themselves, to increase inner and outer energy flow and give them practical keys to move from trauma, anxiety, stress and bring towards being healthy, vibrant, happy and ready to live life on purpose.

She Is Remarkable is a collaborative book of powerful stories from 29 inspiring women. These authors are spread out between the US, Australia, Lebanon, Jersey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE.  

The authors, each from different backgrounds, narrate their life changing experiences in the simplest formats that have the ability to connect with a reader emotionally, spiritually and  inspire them. This book is bound to maintain its past legacy of previous publications and keep the reader creatively engaged through the chapters while giving a unique feel of empowerment and self-calibration.

If you are looking for a Keynote Speaker for an upcoming event and you feel I can add value to inspire your audience to BE REMARKABLE, as a keynote presentation or a workshop, keep me in mind!

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