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Greatness isn’t how you feel, it is how you make others feel
Ron Kaufman


Global Gurus

I have to say the last 5 months have been quite a journey filled with tears, joy, laughter, fear, love, doubt, happiness, all those emotions running through my body since I started a new life chapter in Dubai…

On Friday night, I was surrounded by a community of remarkable Global Gurus. We got together to celebrate the 2023’s awards, what a buzz!

For the last 5 consecutive years, you have all been supporting me in my Customer Experience graduation on that list and your vote made all the difference. I am deeply grateful for your support and being the No 1 Women on the Customer Experience Global Gurus list (OK, on the list #2 being the one and only Ron Kaufman!!) has helped make an impact a more global audience.

Making a difference in people’s lives and inspiring them to thrive in their businesses is my ‘raison d’ être’, my why…

 I really get a buzz to be able help contribute to their success and create a positive influence in their world. All of those Global Gurus, have the same vision, so you can image there was such symbiotic synergy and energy in that same room.

Professional Keynote Speaker

Growing into the speaking industry, as a motivational keynote speaker, has enabled me to touch so many more people and trigger something to get more them to take action. It could be a word, a slide, a dancing move or just a glimpse of on my yellow shoes, seeing the sparkle in the audiences’ eyes is just the most rewarding feeling knowing that they will leave the room enthused, empowered and inspired to thrive.   

Thank you for taking the time to show your confidence in me, and for believing in my work to motivate people by providing valuable insights, energy and guidance.

I love what I do and I am profoundly grateful to be part of this Global Gurus Family, sharing remarkable global gurusness…

Book Claire for your next event

If you are looking for someone to Energize your next event, conference or summit and you feel I can add value to inspire your audience to  keynote presentation or a workshop, keep me in mind!

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